Sep. 1st, 2016 10:22 pm
FIRE… as is the name, was a movie written and directed by Deepa Mehta, that caused a fire of controversies. The movie revolves around a joint family, who are normal and decent as per the social norms to the external world but the story unfolds the irksome ways of different characters of the story. It had extramarital affair, homosexuality, masturbation and eccentric reclusive behaviour all in one. The story line is quite different from the normal issues and dramas the film industry revolves around.

The story starts with a new bride Sita trying to adjust with her husband and his household, where the husband is un-interested in her due to an extramarital affair that he has. The lady slowly resigns to her fate, when the story unfolds the unpleasing situation her co-sister, i.e. husband’s elder brother’s wife Radha faces. Radha’s husband would call her to his bedroom and make her lie next to him to assimilate his ability to control his passions towards his wife. This he does on instructions from a guru who advises him to keep away from such kind of materialistic pleasures. To top it up the helper who takes care of the paralysed mother-in-law masturbates before the poor old lady who is unable to retaliate to the situation. Eventually the two co-sisters fall in love with each other and get materialistic pleasures being homosexual. The culmination is the ladies leaving the household to live by themselves.

With all these weird characters in one single story, it was too much for a collegiate like me. But the way it is picturised and the story is unfolded, it all seems to be so very apparent. The story is told in a very realistic manner. A very bold movie to be written and directed by Deepa Mehta at least two decades ago, where lesbianism was not in a common man’s dictionary.



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